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That is why the first step is to analyze if the advertisement presents a brief history and a detailed description of what the product is about.

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The advertisement uses an attractive man who seems to be physically fit, giving the product an image that men are appealing to women’s tastes.

The advertisement also presents the notion that a man’s’ emotional needs to smell like a real man to attract a woman.

Tips on body paragraph writing: The commercial appeals to women more than men.

This is important because it does not rely on the attractiveness of the model and the setting, but on sensational, emotional responses presenting how perfect men should translate into the reality the ideal image of who a man should be and what he should smell like to attract a wider audience.

The conclusion of the analysis should be a brief summary justifying if the advertisement has achieved its objectives.

Tips to remember when writing your conclusion The Old Spice ad is successful because it makes a good impression on people and makes the audience believe that smelling good can be attractive.The advertisement uses a reliable strategy of sexuality.Sexually themed advertisements appeal to not only men and women but to a wider audience.For example, when a company produces a commercial the aim is to increase sales.Old Spice’s advertisement “How Your Man Could Smell Like” is an attractive phrase used to lure the audience to purchase the product.The advertisement conveys a strong message about a strong personality where a man needs not only to be attractive but also to be confident by smelling like a real man.The advertisement uses emotional appeal to influence young women who value strong qualities in a man.Using such themes is the surest way to attract more people to use the product.Normally, these advertisements focus on men who are physically attractive to try and sell their products, with the implication that the product will give an entire lifestyle, not simply a way to smell good.The advertisement meant to capture men’s attention through women.It presents an ideal image of how a man should smell.


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