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Gee and Hayes (2011) stated that there are many things that language can be including; a set of rules, a cognitive experience, a social tool or an object, but overall language is something that changed based on culture and social context....

[tags: Linguistics, Language, Natural language] - ‘Language death’ does not always entail ‘language murder’.

Second, use full forms of words without abbreviating them.

Example: instead of “memo”, “TV”, “quote” you should use “memorandum”, “television”, “quotation” etc. Example: instead of “buy”, “get” you should use “purchase”, “obtain”.

It’s also characteristic for groups of people; individuals outside that group might not understand their jokes or expressions.

This also applies to different national backgrounds etc. When writing, you have to include jargon that target audience will understand.

To get the best possible reaction from reader(s) of your essay, you have to adjust the language to the type of essay you’re writing.

While using appropriate language is largely overlooked the truth is – it can make or break your paper.

If you’re not native English speaker then idioms are something you should be careful about.

They are specific to certain people, their language, and even their country and you might not understand their true meaning. As I’ve already mentioned, using appropriate language is highly important for your work, regardless of the type.


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