Essay About Misjudging

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Conflict theory envisioned a society as fragmented into groups.More powerful social groups exert forces on less powerful groups.

Conflict theory envisioned a society as fragmented into groups.More powerful social groups exert forces on less powerful groups.

When social structure (bad economy) and social process (individuals interaction) came into conflict, it resulted the break up of the country. Social structure was poor economy, poor living conditions, fundamental religious belief, and constant aggression from Israel.

Social process was my perception about Israel and their politics towards Palestine.

Acts of the white men and Carl Lee Hailey were the result of social forces that existed in social groups in the USA at that time. Two white men raped and killed Tonya because she was black.

Carl Lee killed the white rapists because he knew justice would not prevail for white men (A time to kill 2008).

This is why we should care for sociological imagination.

Essay About Misjudging

In India, many centuries ago, widow women used to commit ritualistic suicide by being burnt alive along with the dead husband.

The act of widow women was the result of social forces that existed during that time in India (Deducing with sociological imagination).

In John Grisham’s novel A Time to Kill, the African American Carl Lee Hailey kills two white men who raped and killed his little daughter Tonya.

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