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We usually “get in touch” with people through technology rather than speaking with them face to face.The most popular way people discuss things, with another individual, is through our phones.

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Online educational programs are available for people residing in different countries, and it is no longer a dream to attend live classes from the comfortable environment of a home.

Not only this, the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube have revolutionized relationships, be it making online friendships with people from other countries or staying in touch with loved ones.

These cordless phones have a variety of apps used to play games, maps, as musical players, alarm clocks, and even maintaining a healthy diet.

Having all these fun things put all into one handheld device can come in handy in many situations, but it can put strain on your eyes and cause you to be something called isolated away from the world.

The principal way in which relationships have been affected is that they tend to be at a distance rather than face-to-face.

The advent of the internet has made it easy for business owners to communicate across the world, with remote job opportunities one call away.Based on this perspective, technology has influenced relationships in a positive way.However, despite these advances, the quality of interaction has significantly declined in several respects.This Communication Technology Essay would get a good score for the following reasons.It fully answers the question, setting out the way the types of relationships people make have changed (they tend to be '') and then expanding on this by giving examples.A balanced opinion is also clearly explained, with the impacts in the first body paragraph seen to be positive, and the second body paragraph dedicated to explaining the negative points.The essay is also clearly organised and coherent, with the opinion clearly stated and the body paragraphs clearly each focused on one central idea.There is also good vocabulary used and good collocations.“We barely have time to pause and reflect these days on how far communicating through technology has progressed.Without even taking a deep breath, we’ve transitioned from email to chat to blogs to social networks and more recently to twitter” (Alan 2007).Communicating with technology has changed in many different ways.


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