Essay About Understanding Culture Through Language And Literature

Essay About Understanding Culture Through Language And Literature-59
Therefore, it can be stated that your language can reveal many things about your identity.

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In this case, interlocutors think much of how to speak to best express their ideas and how to avoid misunderstanding caused by spoken words.

For example, in Vietnamese culture, when visiting a newborn baby, we usually say that “she/ he is very ugly” to mean that the baby is so cute.

It is a good idea to use title such as “Mr” Mrs” or “Dr” along with a family name in a business discussion in some parts of Europe.

The first name used without permission is considered direspectful.

Vietnamese do not use direct saying to compliment a newborn baby.

In Western culture, questions about ages or marriage status are considered impolite.

Mendoza-Denton (205) defines “identity to mean the active negotiation of an individual’s relationship with larger social constructs.” It means that identity is reflected in the language we use, our word choices in identifying ourselves as well as in the words we choose not to use. Understanding the nature of the relationship between language and culture is central to the process of learning another language.

It is also a chance for language learners to discover or re-discover and more appreciate his or her identiy.

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