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Well I’m here to say not being involved in your community, or at the very least not knowing what is going on in your own backyard is detrimental to our progress in becoming more unified. Well for one how can we improve city funded programs that could be made more cost affective, that could bring us closer together, if we don’t even take the time to see what the city offers, or what they could offer if we were more involved in bringing certain programs needed to our community.What about law enforcement, and everything that it entails for our safety, and maybe how we could be exploited by our own ignorance in being prosecuted.All of these things effect you and I and the mass populist of Auroranites who probably don’t even know enough too care.

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Maccabi Tzair Miami This is my second year working as a Madrich, Hebrew word for mentor or counselor, for a Jewish movement based in the Jewish Community Center in Miami by the name of Maccabi Tzair.

Maccabi Tzair was developed from its grassroot, 25-year-old program- “Olam Hayeled.” When a representative from Maccabi World Union, a recognized Zionist organization, came upon me and presented the idea, morals and goals of its movement, I saw the opportunity the Jewish Community had been waiting for in Miami; to introduce a more Judaic oriented program, which more than entertain would unite religiously the many kids who had been driven from private Jewish schools due to their high financial costs.

Last year I was honored as the “Best Madrich” for my motivation, leadership and encouragement, for which reason I received the Dr. When I lived in Venezuela I was aware that many people suffered and had to struggle to sustain their families without ever being sure that they would see the light of day. After my arrival in the United States I knew that I would never be able to eradicate these images in my mind.

I had lived for thirteen years in an underdeveloped country, where injustices and societal flaws were covered up by the fraudulent action of a few very powerful men.

After this harrowing experience how could I not be enraged enough to understand that I had to do something to moderate the world in which I live.

In the summer of 2006, reviewing the life experiences that hunted me and the calamitous situation in which many lived where I came from, I moved to change those aspects that were most apparent to me.

I looked deep into stereotyping and I found that being barefoot was not that uncommon, nor was it healthy.

After doing some research I realized that shoes would help them in the fight against environmentally caused diseases, cuts, scratches and parasites, as well as progressing in terms of world development.

In my own neighborhood no one really says hi, or introduces themselves, nor does it seem that they care too. It seems harder than ever before to even strike up a conversation with someone let alone to come to an understanding of what is really going on in our own backyards.

Aurora, like many Communities has city council meetings that all citizens can attend.


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