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Its ulti­mate basis, however, is the ability to compel obedience, if necessary through the threat or use of force.

Social power has been identified in different ways with prestige, influence, eminence, compe­tence, dominance, rights, strength, force, and authority.(i) Power and Prestige are closely linked.

People use smiles for certain social aims, as it sends certain signals to people.

A sincere smile shows that other people can trust you and make a favorable impression.

As Robert Bierstedt said, “Power is latent force; force is manifest power, and authority is institutionalized power.” Power is the prior capacity that makes the use of force possible.

Only groups that have power can threaten to use force and the threat itself is power.Demerath, and Marwell Power may be exercised blatantly or subtly, legally or illegally, justly or unjustly.It may derive from many sources, such as wealth, status, prestige, numbers, or organisational efficiency.Whereas, power does not necessarily require the backing of the status.(vi) Power, Force and Authority.Power is not force and power is not authority, but it is related to both.But dominance is a function of personality or of temperament. It is also possible to find dominant individuals playing roles in powerless groups and submis­sive individuals playing roles in powerful ones.Power is one thing and dominance quite another.(v) Power and Rights: Rights are more closely associated with privileges and with authority than they are with power.This sample is presented in our blog to show you what a good presentation may look like.Don’t submit this work as your own presentation to avoid a low score, as this action may be considered plagiarism.A right is one of the prerequisites of power and not power itself.One may have a right without the power to exercise it.


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