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He’s got a long way to go: from the murder and suffering to repentance.

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This is a common assignment for students who study literature, fine arts, and psychology.

Let’s figure out how to write a character analysis essay correctly.

We mean know ‘well’: their feelings, personality traits, behavior patterns, etc. However, we’ll bet that you don’t realize how many persons you actually know well. Now, think again about the number of individuals you know.

If you are not very sociable, your answer might be a few dozen, for example.

In the end, Dorian becomes a murderer and libertine (sorry for spoilers).4.

Static Static characters are also called unchanging.

Consequently, the antagonist is a hero who stands against the protagonist.

By analogy with the previous type, antagonists are not always bad. In general, it can be anything that spoils the protagonist’s life: forces of nature, fate, society, machine, and even animal.3. Our life is not stable, so the characters that evolve throughout the story seem more real.

On the other hand, you can share their beliefs and feelings, worry about their fate, and learn important lessons from them.

We rely on analysis when we want to learn more about our favorite heroes and heroines.


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