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Men were expected to take on the family job, or the job of their wife’s family.

It seems like the long hours apart would strain the husband wife relationship, and long hours of being made to study and practice extracurricular activities would strain the mother child relationship. -Gookie Falls- Wakko and Dot are visiting their Young Uncle Yakko, or Yunkle Yak, for the summer.

But without these measures, the competitive Japan would be a harder place to live in if the child was not prepared. Yunkle Yak likes to use them for cheap labor in his Whacky Shack, a comedy prop, gag and magic supply store in the woods just outside of Gookie Falls.

There exists a great deal of tension between mother in-law and daughter in-law in the Ie.

Women have a lot of duties in the home and caring for the family.

This is not something the western world is familiar with, but when you are married into a family in Japan, you become a part of that family more fully than the ways of the west.

If the woman were being married into her husband’s family she’d be expected to come live with him in his home and the same when a man is married off to the woman’s family.It all seems to an American as being over worked for very little profit, the children have to do homework for primary and cram school, plus extra curricular activities, the wife has a never ending supply of duties to perform through out the day, and the husband must work and stay at work for most of his waking hours.Because of the many duties of a wife and mother, it is also near impossible for her to seek a career outside the family.Daughters were typically married out of the family in arranged marriages, forming a sort of alliance between two families.I’m reminded of arranged marriages between kingdoms; it is essentially the same idea.Because marriages were arranged in the Ie divorces were not unheard of. In most Japanese careers of today the employees are expected to work their full day hours and stay beyond work hours to socialize with colleagues and continue to help their company.In the modern or “contemporary” Japanese family, there are many similarities to the modern American Nuclear family; i.e. As a result of the father’s devotion, they are rarely present in the home life, and many responsibilities fall on the mother.In this kinship system, the oldest son usually received the inheritance of his father, land, home, possessions, job and duties.This inheritance by birthright is called Primogeniture.I've always appreciated both as separate characters and I've never really understood how so many people never picked up on their differences. In the first place it's important to know and understand the twins' differences, especially if you're writing a story that puts particular focus on them.Yes, both twins are bonkers, fun-loving, flirtatious, stubborn and lest we forget both in the possession For the past year or so, I keep on hearing how Rev and Tech are not a couple and will never be a couple.


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