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Italian Immigration in A View from the Bridge Brief history of post-war Italian immigration from Fascism to the opportunity associated with the American Dream.

Italian Immigation Extensive chronological history of Italian immigration to America.

Well-known American playwright Arthur Miller wrote A View from the Bridge in 1955, but initial reception was rather negative.

After revising the script to minimize the incestuous and homosexual issues, the play premiered in 1956.

Arthur Miller: His Life and Work undergraduate literature resource from the University of Hull. A View from the Bridge An interactive learning organisation’s school revision website for exam preparation.

Discusses Miller as a ‘social’ playwright’, such themes as the impact of society on man, and his works in context with a particular focus on Arthur Miller’s death American playwright Miller dies from BBC News. Excellent clarity and structure serve as good organisational tools., he discusses how Eddie’s dramatic kissing of Rodolpho extends beyond the act itself and our questions concerning the individual characters’ respective sexual orientations and intentions.

He remains the play’s narrator throughout, even as he relates scenes to which he was not a witness, and he warns the audience from the beginning that he is powerless to divert the action from its anticipated bloody course.

In addition to the chorus, the play incorporates a classical Greek temporal structure: The narrative unfolds at an unusually rapid pace within the conventions of mid-twentieth century American drama.

Makes reference to the influential betrayal by Arthur Miller’s friend Elia Kazan.

Eddie Carbone supposedly echoes Kazan’s betrayal to the HUAC which Miller considered shameful. ” Arthur Miller’s interview for , “Are You Now Or Were You Ever? Miller discusses the divisions created in society by the Mc Carthy era’s anti-communist trials, how it affected him personally and his writings.1958: Arthur Miller cleared of contempt BBC featured article on the historic moment Arthur Miller was cleared of contempt, 7th August 1958.


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