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CBT owes its roots to Aaron beck and Albert Ellis who designed it in late 1950s.Nemade, Reiss, and Dombeck note, “Cognitive behavioural therapy is founded on the single basic idea that cognition, in the form of thoughts and preconceived judgments, precedes and determines people’s emotional responses.” Principally, depression results from people viewing situations from a negative point of view and this disposition leads them to act in a particular manner hence their behaviour.CBT works on the principle that positive thoughts and behaviour heralds positive moods and this is something that can be learned; therefore, by learning to think and behave positively, someone may substitute negative thoughts with positive ones and do away with depression.

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Cognitive therapists teach patients to identify their negative thoughts, recognize...

In treating depression, CBT has found wide application due to its satisfying positive results.

Cognitive therapy also teaches people how certain thinking patterns are causing their symptoms.

This is accomplished by giving people a distorted picture of what's going on in their life and making them feel anxious, depressed or angry for no good reason.(Francis, 2000) When people are in behavior therapy and cognitive therapy, it provides them with various tools for stopping their symptoms and getting their life on a more satisfying track.

In cognitive therapy, the therapist takes an active part in solving a patient's problems.

He or she doesn't settle for just nodding wisely while the patient carries the whole burden of finding the answers they came to therapy for initially.

As aforementioned, the process of dealing with depression using CBT is quite simple.

A depressed person meets with a therapist for some time according to agreed time usually weekly and the patient, with the help of the therapist breaks down a problem into small parts.

CBT utilises the principle that thoughts determine feelings and feelings determine actions .

CBT thus holds that, a situation evokes given thoughts, which in turn arouse given feelings leading to given actions.


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