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In 2009, the European Union passed a law banning testing cosmetics on animals .In 2013 Just recently it just became illegal to sell products that have been tested on animals all over the world.

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Throughout history, humans have been willing to try almost any method or product to improve their physical appearance.

In response, enterprising businesses and beauty moguls have conspired to sell us almost anything — from water to poison — in the guise of cosmetic treatments.

While a large number of people, primarily women, have embraced Botox and believe it to be safe), in 2009 the US Food and Drug Administration added a warning noting that Botox “may spread from the area of injection to produce symptoms of botulism”, such as muscle weakness and breathing difficulty.

Even the most common beauty products still have potential risks associated with them.

This battle has been going on for several years now and I was just as eager to know what people’s views are on this topic. It is very cruel to god’s creatures and should be banned.

Moreover, animal testing is costing billions of dollars.Renee wrote about the tabloid scrutiny she has faced "The ‘eye surgery’ tabloid story itself did not matter, but it became the catalyst for my inclusion in subsequent legitimate news stories about self-acceptance and women succumbing to social pressure to look and age a certain way."Not that it's anyone's business, but I did not make a decision to alter my face and have surgery on my eyes.However, even today there are significant serious side-effects and potential dangers from cosmetic procedures, in particular.For example, it was recently reported that cosmetic injections, such as platelet-rich plasma injections and facial fillers, are leading to a significant number of patients suffering from chronic, and potentially disfiguring, bacterial infections.In her book Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present, Alison Matthews David explains that lead was a popular ingredient in cosmetics for centuries “because it made colours even and opaque and created a desirable ‘whiteness’ that bespoke both freedom from hard outdoor labour and racial purity”.In the 1860s, the American face lotion Laird’s “Bloom of Youth or liquid pearl” promised to whiten skin, helping “ladies afflicted with tan, freckles, Rough or Discolored Skin”.I researched about where cosmetics originated from .The history behind makeup, discussing if all cosmetics are good for your skin, who cosmetics usually is targeted towards, peoples opinions about whether makeup should be tested on animals, The possible consequences of expired cosmetics, just all around about Some cosmetics may make your skin worst than before other products may make it better. A lot of people aren’t really too much informed on how business try to advertise and lure people into buying their products.I always loved make up as a child because I will always have the memory of my grandma putting lipstick on me.I decided to do my senior project on the Evolution Of Cosmetics.


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