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Generally speaking, it varies from feeling that things are being particularly difficult at this one moment in time, to being almost literally paralysed in bed for months at a time.

Already here we can see emerging the notion of stillness.

Everything around us seems suddenly absurd and pointless, as if all along we had been deceiving ourselves with made up stories and fantasies.

What in our close friends and significant others used to move, stir, incite or even anger now leaves us untouched, detached, painfully bored and dreadfully lonely.

After all, why should it be so different in kind from most things in life and not actually have something in it that we can use creatively?

The 'noisiest' symptom caused by depression most often expresses itself in this annihilating feeling that, simply put, things somehow seem to have stopped going anywhere. If this ordeal wasn't incapacitating enough, a certitude imposes itself which becomes ever more difficult to shake off: something has been lost forever.Also, eat well-balance meals, get regular exercise and sleep and even seek supportive relationships.In conclusion, depression can affect anyone at any age.First, let me acknowledge to the reader that I understand he or she may recognise very little, some, or perhaps most of what I will attempt to flesh out in this paper.Following on what in the end can only be a poor, quick and ultimately inadequate description of something much more complex and personal, I will then share some analytical views on what may possibly be at play in this phenomenon.It is important for the depressed person to live a healthy lifestyle while undergoing treatment.This includes avoiding drugs and alcohol, which makes depression worse.Some symptoms include feeling sad, hopeless, worthless, fatigue or lack of interest, thoughts of suicide, withdrawal from usual activities or even pessimistic.Also, if the person has been experience signs of insomnia, in which the person has sleep problems.Depression can be treated in variety of ways but usually with the help of medications and counseling.Studies show that it is better for a person suffering from depression to combine antidepressant drug therapy with psychotherapy.


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