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- Healthy humans have two types of immune systems that protect the body from invading pathogens that cause diseases.

The Innate Immunity is the first barrier of protection. Its primary purpose is to destroy any pathogen that tries to enter the epidermis cells (the skin cells) and the mucosa (mucus secreting cells found in the GI tract, respiratory tract, urogenital tract and eyes.

Did you know that food, processed in equipment that has previously processed food containing peanuts, may be as lethal to the severely allergic as food containing peanuts....

[tags: Food Allergies Essays] - My research is going to be based on what is the cause of the increase in allergies over the last decades.

Allergies are especially unique in the medical field because they differ among patients.

An allergy is a specific immunologic reaction to a normally harmless substance, one that does not bother most people.Children are much more likely to develop allergies if their parents have allergies.Interestingly, people with year-round (perennial) allergies commonly develop the problem as adults, and are more likely to be women than men.In the case of pollen allergy, the antibody is specific for each type of pollen: one antibody may be produced to react against oak pollen and another against ragweed pollen.This antibody attaches itself to certain cells in your body.Symptoms can lessen as you get older, but they rarely completely disappear without treatment.Patients who usually have allergies suffer from many symptoms due to the allergic reaction(s).Why in a hundred billion years of evolution would we evolve a response for allergy? Throughout the years, food allergies have been on a dramatic increase in the United States.Allergic reactions are caused by antibodies in the immune system which are also known as immunoglobulins.3 Types of invasive tests 4 Noninvasive tests 5 My solution 5 What’s next 5 References 6 A New Non-Invasive test for Food Based Allergies Prevalence/Problem Food allergy and intolerance is described as a wide range of adverse reactions to foods and in 2010 an expert panel, sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, published guidelines for diagnosis and management of food allergies in the United States....[tags: Food Based Allergies] - “The immune system didn’t evolve for allergy.


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