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Essay On My Country Nepal-17
When you look at politics, the world is now more divided than united.When you look into the economy, there are clear gaps between the rich and poor.I have a vision of a nation where all citizens will be given due respect; regardless of sex, ethnicity, or disability.

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If I were a prime minister, I will be the first female prime minister in Fiji; a country which is beautiful, yet still developing.

Much of this attributes to the insecurity for women and children and rise in crime.

I would lead by example and choose to practice moderation in my thoughts and actions rather than just talking about it.

First-grade teachers are the most important influencer to children after their parents, and the ones by which children will spend more time during the creative and vulnerable ages of 6-10 years old.

I’d encourage youth-led entrepreneurship, intercontinental trade, and infrastructural development by investing in holistic quality rural and township development.

Most importantly, I would serve (not rule) through the basis of equality, by being a steadfast feminist.

But first of all, through a massive national campaign with all private, public and social hands on deck, I would work non-stop to reduce our 48% illiteracy rate at least by half before hoping to see the other changes emerge.

Paraguay currently has a demographic bonus, 70% of its population is young, under 35 years.

Focus on solving the socio-economic challenges in the country.

I draw inspiration from the principles on Nelson Mandela: to dream big, walk to freedom, to be resistant, to promote equality, and uphold persistence and confidence.


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