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Then, when I opened the door, she would jump on me and start licking my hand as If she was trying to tell me that she missed me so much.

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First of all, in the rural areas majority of people prefer to keep pets in their homes such as cats, dog’s buffaloes and many more. We daily bring it to a terrace and bathe him with fresh water.

We take more care of his cleanliness and proper vaccinations at regular intervals.

Gucci was a very smart cat; she used to know my timing for every single day.

She would wake me up in the morning, a couple of minutes before my alarm clock would sound off, by licking my face.

I used to have a very special pet, back home, in my country, Lebanon. When my dad gave her to me, she was three months old; he brought her back from one of his business trips to Russia.

I named her Gucci because she was as cute as the clothes. She had white fluffy fur, one blue eye and one green eye, she had a little gray spot on her head and a black spot on her tail, and she had small legs with very cute paws.

Moreover, animals also useful for various purposes such as the dung of the animal are used as natural fertilizers not only this buffalo milk is also used by infant and old people because it is very nutritious.

In the modern era, the skin of animals is used for different purposes such as in preparing leather, clothes and many more.

Apart from the obvious emotional benefits of having a creature to nurture, love and be loved selflessly and joy on unadulterated attachment, they also manage to introduce a semblance of physical activity in their lives by keeping them away from too much of sedentary indulgence on phone or television or computer and introduce the benefit of assuming responsibilities at a tender age.

Well, all this deep introspection did not come to me so early in life when Jimmy limped into our lives one winter evening. Thanks to my older brother, our house was home to a series of pets one after the other and no species was too exotic or too alien for his tender heart.


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