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In traditional term, it is a physical location where buyer and seller gather to exchange goods.It is the most convenient place for the buyer and seller where the ownership of the product is transferred.

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In this way, the market is used to described as the collective of buyers and potential buyers of each product, as a fish market, vegetable market.

Webster’s Student Dictionary defines the market as a place where the product is displayed for sale.

Small but very lovely waterfalls make it even better.marvelous beauty of the lakes often ensemble the value of grubby rich human being on earth.

For the most part, the soften and distinct places give an impression of the overwhelming nature that is still far from human invasion.

Since, the seventh five-year plan, Nepal has been trying to develop tourism sector as an important economic activity. Tourists are an important source of foreign currency.

Tourists help to develop a hotel industry and provide a direct and indirect job for many people.Though Nepal is a small country, it has the great variety of beautiful and wonderful scenery which includes the Terai, the hill, and the mountain. It has many green forests, beautiful waterfalls, snow-capped mountain peaks, artistic temples, simmering rivers, fine flora, and fauna, etc. Normally human beings move from one place to another for pleasure, business, pilgrimage, adventure and other purposes. People like to visit new places and learn about new things about culture, art, and lifestyle of other people.The mountains are uniquely popular among mountaineers, trekkers, etc. It consists of a lot of rare species of plants and animals. When people travel from one place to another with a specific objective and time then that is called tourism. The market is defined as the meeting point between buyer and seller.Beautiful and large lakes like Rara, Rupa, Begnas etc.whether it is summer or winter Rara lake never lose it beauty. It is full of the naturally blessed country located in South Asia. Nepal is one of the most beautiful Places in the world. Nepal is a country where nature has blesses it too much.No doubt that Nepal is rich in stunning natural beauties and natural resources.The never-ending long and wide rivers like Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali.A landlocked country in South Asia, Nepal stands bordered by China in the north and India laying west, east and south of them.The Federal Democratic Republic Kingdom of Nepal is situated in the central part of the Himalayan arc and is tectonically sandwiched between Tibet in the north and India to the south.


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