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Lack of access to food can be due to two reasons: There is no food available, or food is available, but cannot be accessed by the deprived persons.

In the past, almost exclusive emphasis has been put on the overall availability of food.

Estimates indicate that more than 840 million people throughout the world are chronically undernourished-in spite of a record availability of food per capita in most countries and globally.

Nearly 40,000 children die due to malnutrition and its diseases every day.

It is the poor (both in the North and in the South) who are the victims.

The poor are deprived of their resources while the rich monopolize them for their luxury needs.The empirical studies brought out several distinct ways in which famines can develop-defying the stereotyped uniformity of food availability decline. Third, it is important to distinguish between decline of food availability and that of direct entitlement.The former is concerned with how much food there is in the economy in question, while the latter deals with each food-grower's output of food which he is entitled to consume directly.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services. If you were born in the right part of the world and into the right social class, the solution to your problem is no farther away than the nearest refrigerator. Hunger is created and maintained by human decisions.If you weren't, then you may go hungry all your short life, as 800 million people do, who were born in the wrong place and into the wrong social class. 1 The historical and political background of the right to food is much more than the history and politics of malnutrition.The only (but decisive) difference between these moral obligations and the right to food is, of course, the fact that human rights give a claim to the poor and vulnerable groups that is, in principle, enforceable.Traditionally people had no remedy other than revolt against a king or state that failed to meet its obligations.Often the poor lack access to food as a result of their marginal resource base.The yield per hectare on the fields of the rich and the overall availability of food is irrelevant for them, if they are too poor to buy this surplus.


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