Essay On Road Rage And Accidents

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Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults, and collisions which result in injuries and even deaths.

It can be thought of as an extreme case of aggressive driving.

Road rage is a very dangerous situation that can result in physical attack and in the most extreme situations even serious bodily harm, possibly death.

The stress can manifest itself over time and build up to the point where the driver explodes in a fit of rage or it can come on all of a sudden too.

OR Road rage is an uncontrollable aggressive behaviour by the driver of a road vehicle, especially when caused by stress or frustration.

OR Road rage is an aggressive behaviour by a motorist in response to the actions of another road user. Many otherwise law-abiding citizens often speed when running late, almost as they would a medical emergency.Some of ever the safest drivers believe that speeding because one is running late to pick up a waiting child or getting an elderly parent to a doctor's appointment is okay. Some of the definitions of road rage are: Road rage is defined as a violent, uncontrolled anger or angry behaviour by, a driver, as in reaction to stressful driving conditions. It can also be described as an extremely aggressive way of driving that is likely to cause accidents or incidence on road. Road rage is aggressive or angry behavior by a driver of an automobile or other motor vehicle.Such behavior might include rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe or threatening manner, or making threats. Family Relations: Family relations are one of the causes of road rage. Keep the music in your vehicle at a level that doesn’t annoy others. Be tolerant of those who exhibit non-conforming traffic behaviours. If anyone finds himself being followed by an angry driver, do not go home but head for a busy public place or the closest police station. Keep doors locked and windows up if an aggressive driver approaches your vehicle. Person should ensure that he is stress free whilst driving by giving him plenty of time to get to his destination and making sure that he knows where he is going. If anyone makes a mistake, hold a hand up to apologize; this often relieves tension for everyone concerned. Leave room between car and the vehicle in front so that person can drive away from a dangerous situation if someone approaches with criminal intent. Many public and private organizations have launched education campaigns to teach drivers about their own behaviour and how to deal with aggressive behaviour of other drivers. Frequently changing lanes by weaving back and forth. Racing to beat a yellow light that’s about to turn red. Traveling in the passing or left lane at a slower speed, making it impossible for others to pass. Driving with the high beams on behind another vehicle or toward oncoming traffic. If the police stop a road rager, he is most likely to receive a fine for careless driving. Due to increase in vehicles the roads gets congested and overcrowded which leads to rise in road rage incidents. However in reality road ragers receive not those strong penalties because in most cases road rage acts cannot be caught.


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