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This website presents statistics on marriage and divorce in Australia for 2017, with trends from 1997.

For marriage, information is provided on: total number, crude marriage rate, median age at marriage, age specific marriage rates, previous marital status, marriage celebrants, country of birth, cohabitation prior to marriage, month of marriage, and state and territory rates.

The findings show a high degree of support for equal rights, up from 40% in 2005 to 66% in 2015.

These changes cannot be attributed to compositional changes in population characteristics, and may be the product of cultural or institutional changes at the macro level.

In Australia, marriage between same-sex partners is not recognised by law, regardless of it being performed in an overseas jurisdiction where it is valid.

This article considers the issues for separating same-couples who had been married overseas.Many foreign visitors are also marrying in New Zealand, in particular same-sex couples.This report provides statistics on the number of marriages that took place in England and Wales in 2015, analysed by age, sex, previous marital status, and civil or religious ceremony.For divorce, information is provided on: total number, crude divorce rate, age at separation and divorce, age-specific divorce rates, divorces involving children, duration of marriage prior to divorce, applicant, and state and territory rates.In 2017, 112,954 marriages were registered and 49,032 divorces were granted.Both countries amended their laws in 2004 to expressly prohibit same-sex marriage, in response to events in other countries, and both countries saw high court challenges, activism, public debate, and eventual overturns to the law.Equally, the Irish referendum and and the Australian postal plebiscite were crude and distressing routes to reform and to what many considered a fundamental human rights issue that should have been settled by parliaments.Marriage is a controversial issue in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with clashes between rival groups strongly opposing or strongly supporting marriage, in a context of fewer couples marrying each year.This book explores this issues, with a focus on how governments are responding.Note, this article was written prior to the marriage equality amendments adopted in late 2017.Research from many nations overseas has shown an increasing public acceptance over the past two to three decades of sexual minorities and the rights of same-sex couples.


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