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The average height is 3 feet standing and 5-7 feet from head to the back. It is the unofficial king of the jungle and its only enemy is human beings.It is the hunter of the jungle, eating anything from a deer to a seal.

NDTV also did a 12-hour television event near a national park to raise funds for conservation.

A massive challenge, we broke new grounds with the innovative format of the ‘Save Our Tiger Telethon.’ In the second year, we highlighted the impact of the campaign and continued to re-iterate the challenges, demanding commitments from the chief minsters of all tiger states and engage all stakeholders in a dialogue.

4th year organised a special event on the occasion of World Tiger Day on 29 July 2015.

Minister of State of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar supported the cause along with Bollywood actress Dia Mirza and singer Kailash Kher.

The rise in number has reaffirmed our belief that with the vital intervention we can make a positive contribution to restore the balance in nature.

To celebrate this increase in tiger population, the campaign in its current i.e.The campaign is supported by superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Sanctuary Asia, India’s premier wildlife magazine and the Wildlife Conservation Trust, an organisation deeply involved in conserving tiger habitats across the country.Since the launch in 2010, extensive programming on NDTV has given the campaign substance and depth by highlighting issues at the core of the India’s tiger problem.It's high time that people start taking steps to save this animal from extinction.These days, there are hoardings everywhere saying 'Just 1411 Left' (in the Indian subcontinent).In the list, the ones that don't have extinct attached to their name are endangered and may soon have this surname thanks to human beings.Interestingly, scientists have suggested that the South Chinese Tiger is already 'functionally extinct'. The size varies according to the species and gender. Socially, the tiger stands at the top of the food pyramid.We again reached out to Chief Ministers of key tiger states and requested their support on specific action points for each state.Their support was instrumental in providing on ground measures to ensure the protection of Tigers and their habitat a) Raised almost Rs.10 crores to make a tangible difference on ground by equipping reserves with necessary items to help guard our forests b) Impact regarding policy change The Tiger population has now reached an impressive figure of 2,226!Statistics suggest that with the end of the last century, earth lost 3 out of 8 tiger species.The three being the Caspian, Balinese, and the Javan tiger. Substitute human beings in the statistics and imagine how it would feel if there were just 1411 of them left.


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