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Helps control weight, reduce fat and prevents the development of high blood pressure.It also has an effect on mental health by increasing student's capacity of learning.some schools however may not have the time and money to provide to schools sporting teams.

By incorporating physical activity into peoples daily routine will increase their chances of being healthier, reducing certain diseases and learning how to avoid injuries.

Physical The safety of children is also a concern, with all the violence that is occurring parents are protective and want to keep their children indoors, decreasing their time outdoors.

Over the past decades our culture has changes dramatically.

To which our nation was once a physically active nation.

That said, intramural sports (those where teams from different schools compete) do have some beneficial aspects.

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But at a sixth grade level, exactly which sports they are should be carefully thought out, since people at that age range are not yet fully developed physically, and it's vital to not overtax the developing body in such a way that would…

Sports relieve stress, and give the mind a much needed break that will actually help a person to focus better on their work afterwards.

It is true that insurance is able to curtail inflation, however, whether or not that means it should be made compulsory is a matter of personal opinion.

Schools should definitely have priority to have sports teams.

In sports kids can both be exercising and improving their health while at the same time making friends.


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