Essay On The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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Most books tackling the subject of World War II are very serious and aimed at adults; this novel, while relating the tragedy and horrors of war, also manages to infuse the undercurrent of misery with moments of joy and happiness.

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Hopefully, those seeing the film first will be encouraged to read the book, because it’s certainly an excellent reading experience; powerful and heartbreaking. ISBN 0-375-93100-7 You are very welcome to quote up to 100 words from any article posted on Vulpes Libris - as long as you quote accurately, give us due credit and link back to the original post.

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The book is also a vivid portrayal of how ordinary citizens lived during the terror of the Nazis and the choices made and how that affected them.

How decent people tried to hold onto their humanity with small acts of kindness.It’s very much how I see things, in the way that color dominates my vision.Set in the years of WW2, an orphaned little girl, Liesel, is taken to foster parents, the Hubermanns, a middle-aged couple in a small German town.The reader acutely feels the winter cold and food shortages, along with the drastic changes and uncertainty the ongoing war brings. There are many asides, with lists, definitions and background comments that one would think would interrupt the flow, but instead amplifies the story.Sometimes a character is followed to the end of their journey before winding back to the main narrative.The unique style of narration is, however, easy to adjust to and can be forgiven within the framework of a heartrending tale of friendship and suffering.The novel's strength lies in its endearing characters and the unique bonds that are formed as they all struggle through the difficulties and tragedies of war.Hans slowly teaches her and in doing so, they form a wonderful bond.A schoolmate, Rudy, takes Liesel under his wing and the adventures they have together, some of them harrowing, build a strong, and often teasing, friendship.Already, book club editions are becoming more popular, and its introduction into the world of education is gaining more exposure and readers: it seems destined to become a widely read and discussed work.The choppy, often-interrupted narrative is a challenging story line for most readers; reviewers themselves struggled with the novel, calling it "never an easy read, never a glide," "awkward," "troublesome," and "marred by postmodern tricks." Death, as the narrator, often interrupts the story line to insert all-knowing asides, background information, and witty or insightful commentary; the effect is a story that is not cohesive, but rather patchy.


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