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Daylite allows you to link various types of documents (spreadsheets, PDFs, JPEGs) to specific client files, and then organize and even open those files from within Daylite.You can schedule and delegate appointments, create lists, print reports and send e-mails—all from within Daylite.Your Mac will recognize most peripherals when you connect them, and you can then begin using them without even having to reboot.

I had pre­viously toyed with Windows 3.1, etc., but Windows 95 converted me to the graphical user interface.

I have stayed with Windows since and have developed a strong relationship with the various flavors of the dominant operating system.

You can buy PCs and PC software products at thousands of stores around the country. As far as worrying what components are in my PC and worrying about the company I buy from, I have always objected to Apple’s proprietary mindset: If you want a new hard drive, you must buy it from us, and you will pay what we want.

I like competition, and I like the fact that I can open up a PC and change out the hard drive with an inexpensive product that is the result of a lot of competition. is a fully customiz­able case management package that handles your contacts, calendars, tasks/to-do’s, notes and more.

The decades-long Mac versus PC battle recalls those video games in which the Big Boss Bad Guy just can’t seem to squash our nim­ble little hero.

Clever marketing and product development vie against massive market share.

Since I have actually used both PCs and Macs in my fam­ily law practice, I believe that I am uniquely qualified to address the differences in the two systems and state which is better.

The simple fact is that more lawyers don’t use Macs today because of misperceptions that still exist—and I hope this article will set the record straight.

It is fully networkable so you can connect to it locally, through your office network or over the Internet.

You can even create offline databases, modify them on the road and later synchronize them with the main database. is an all-in-one office management program that does scheduling (limitations, appointments, rules-based reminders, shared reminders); communication (quick letters, notes, memos, enve­lopes); document generation and control (including variables, and organizing and managing doc­ument status); contact management (including conflict avoidance); and detailed reporting.


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