Essay Questions For Things Fall Apart

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Attend also to those aspects of traditional Igbo culture that contibute to its "falling apart" after the "white man" comes.

In Bill Moyers' televised interview with Chinua Achebe, Achebe describes himself as a writer positioned between or across African Igbo and Western European cultural traditions.

However, the cost of this is great, as he has broken an important taboo and will thus be denied the traditional rituals that he has fought so hard to preserve.

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In the first two Discussion assignments, you have been developing and exercising some important Hum 211 course competencies; Discussion #3 Literary Journal targets specific Hum 211 Course Competencies that you may or may not have exercised on previous assignments, and it is intended to (further) prepare you to succeed on the upcoming Discussion Paper assignment (see Course Plan Weeks #6 - #8): For example: Create a persuasive cross-cultural interpretation of an African text that integrates ethnorelative perspectives and analytical criteria appropriate to African language arts and their cultural contexts. Communicate ones interpretations in informal and formal writing, using relevant, well-selected evidence from African texts and their cultural contexts to support ones points.

(s) of quotations, paraphrases, summaries--not only to avoid plagiarism but also so that your Hum 211 readers can find and read your source(s) for themselves and, thus, get on the train of thought that you are on. consider some of the following: his formative experiences growing up, his driving motivations and ambitions, his current status/position in Umuofia society and how he has gained that position, his relationships with other characters, the cultural taboos that he breaks--and why you think he breaks them--in Part I, and which ultimately result in his banishment at the end of Part I). Literary critic and teacher Paul Brians asserts that, in Things Fall Apart (esp.


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