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Although Americans often argue that they are a free nation, they never account for how the weak, unintelligent, poor and foul looking people in society can truly become equal to what they would consider the extreme 1%.

Kurt Vonnegut has found a way to elaborate on what kind of world that would be with his science fiction piece titled Harrison Bergeron.

The society is not equal because no one can truly be changed unless they want to be.

Putting a handicap on an intelligent person does not make him or her equal to an average person, Even if she were too hide her voice behind a fake ungraceful one, she would still have her real voice, it just would not be heard but she would still have it.

Consider how you may be exceptioanl in something and are prevented from excelling. Think about whether Nietzsche wasn't on to something when he criticized the naive idea of human equality.

You have written stuff about yourself (Iam) and about schools (opin01). Make connections to your I am, and opin01 essay, esp those on schools and what they do to hinder excellence and only try to achieve a simple equality and even handicap you as a student. Or that uniformity (of any kind) leads to the loss of individuality, and therefore to absolute deformity of humanness.

Write an essay about how you are "differently abled." After reading this story, consider connections to other work you have done in this class and elsewhere. Do you see contradictions to what is said and what is practiced in your life, school, our world?

What does "equality" mean in theory and in practice?

Harrison Bergeron is a young intelligent and quite handsome young man who is taken from his parents and thrown into prison.

While watching the ballet one night, a news story breaks loose that Harrison has escaped from prison.


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