Essay Technology Changes How Art Is Created And Perceived

Furthermore, ‘communication’ is not the best word for what I have in mind because it implies an unwarranted intention about the content represented.

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Now, following the invention of photography and the devastating attack made by Duchamp on the self-appointed Art Establishment [see Brief Lives this issue], art cannot be simply defined on the basis of concrete tests like ‘fidelity of representation’ or vague abstract concepts like ‘beauty’.

So how can we define art in terms applying to both cave-dwellers and modern city sophisticates?

But neither the artist nor the observer can be certain of successful communication in the end. Consequently, I believe that defining art based upon its content is a doomed enterprise.

Now a theme in aesthetics, the study of art, is the claim that there is a between works of art and the flow of everyday life.

The content of that experience in its cultural context may determine whether the artwork is popular or ridiculed, significant or trivial, but it is art either way.

One of the initial reactions to this approach may be that it seems overly broad.

In the context of art, beauty is the gauge of successful communication between participants – the conveyance of a concept between the artist and the perceiver.

Beautiful art is successful in portraying the artist’s most profound intended emotions, the desired concepts, whether they be pretty and bright, or dark and sinister. Joseph Nieters, Lake Ozark, Missouri Works of art may elicit a sense of wonder or cynicism, hope or despair, adoration or spite; the work of art may be direct or complex, subtle or explicit, intelligible or obscure; and the subjects and approaches to the creation of art are bounded only by the imagination of the artist.

It is the communication of intimate concepts that cannot be faithfully portrayed by words alone.

And because words alone are not enough, we must find some other vehicle to carry our intent.


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