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You can also get the support and you will know, that you are not alone.

You can also get the support and you will know, that you are not alone.But you should understand, that the work in group demands a lot of your efforts to get the results.

It is possible to determine 4 reasons, why the teamwork will not be effective.

The minuses of the teamwork But it is possible to create the friendly and well-organized group for the productive teamwork.

Successful collaborations call for establishing common ground -- a shared vocabulary and compatible working styles -- and building trust.

In fact, when companies or existing teams ask me to work with them, I like to start with some small collaboration before committing to a longer-term one.

The pluses of the teamwork If you wish to get more advantages of the teamwork, you can order the reflective essay on teamwork on our site and we will provide you with all pluses of this work. Not always the manager can create the friendly and well organized group.

Every team can do a lot of work and can do it effectively, but, unfortunately, there is not always as it was planned.

You should understand what exactly you are doing, why and which result you need to get. The ability to set the tasks and the goals This ability is very important for the leader of the team, because if everyone understand the goal and know what to do to reach it, the result of this work will be great. All people from the group should work This ability also belongs to the leader, because all members of the group should take the actions in the reaching the goal and the leader of the team should find the motivation for every worker. The ability to criticize It seems, that no one like when he is discussed without any important reason.

But if someone tell you his/her point of view and you understand, that this person is right, it is a very valuable skill to agree and to accept it. Respect and belief Without these 2 important things it is impossible to create the successful teamwork.

The opposite effect is groupthink, in which team members all too quietly accept initial ideas without sufficient spirited discussion of alternatives.

Teams also face difficulties when one or more team members don’t contribute as much as others expect.


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