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In this case, the quote isn’t introduced by a signal phrase but is part of the sentence. is given as an optional course or elective and not a required class, most students choose not to do it to avoid physical activity.

Here’s an example from a paper about mandatory physical education in schools: If a child spends at least five hours at school most of the week, isn’t P. the perfect time for students to get time for physical activity? Very few people know that “only six states—Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Illinois and Iowa—adhere to standards from the National Association of Sports and Physical Education that schoolchildren participate in 150 minutes a week of physical education.

What I am saying is that this source isn’t the best choice for a research paper.

When writing a research paper, you should use scholarly resources and look for quotes and statistics from research studies (rather than random websites).

In addition to that, quotes are also very useful for proving the subject or the thesis of your essay.

Nevertheless, your paper won’t be taken seriously unless you use citations adequately.

In this example, the signal phrase lets readers know to expect a quote and provides context by stating that the information is taken from the Department of Transportation.

Another strategy you might consider when adding quotes in your paper is to seamlessly integrate them in the middle of a sentence, much like you would a paraphrase.

I’m not saying that the source isn’t accurate or credible.

This may be a very well-respected and reputable center.


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