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It enables account access that isn’t limited to a specific PC and usages of money management software like Quicken and Microsoft Money.Time of writing and clearing out bills, buying stamps, writing checks, and writing addresses on envelops every month could be saved.E-banking takes just minutes to setup an on- line bill payment; and bills are paid directly from bank checking account.

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Online Banking is also one of the innovations especially in economics field.

Online banking had and having huge impact on society and individuals.

It offers a totally new services quality, which more and more people actually expect.

It also offers the possibility of creating so called virtual banks - banks that do not have traditional departments, for which the only place of business is the virtual space.

The main advantages of online banking are: cost reduction, the increase in customers' satisfaction level, wider variety of products to be offered, the increased intensity of clients flow, greater geographical range and the individualization of the offer and customer service.

[1]Definition A lot of online banking definitions may be found in the literature.In present hyper competitive environment internet banking works as a competitive differentiator among banks.Internet banking has become an important revenue builder for banks. By moving towards new technologies and adopting them, banks try to grab the market and Executive Summary The purpose of this project is re-modifying the online banking system of CMB.This is the traditional bank that we have all grown up with, the classic brick-and-mortar business model, a fundamentally sound business model that has been successful for hundreds of years. Well, the Introduction Malaysians are beginning to realize the convenience of online banking and investing, despite the fact that online banking trends in Malaysia are still at its infancy stage and most revenues come from corporate banking clients.With the increase in awareness and education of the general public, banks are beginning to view the online channel as a positive step to decrease costs and increase revenue by reducing staff and branch Innovation is something new and it can be product as well as service. Moreover, it has huge impact to the society and individuals as well as new innovation will have value which people will pay.The last two stages apply to all of the financial institutions using the Internet channel.Taking their specific features into account, the virtual banks start the activity offering full access to transactions and services (omitting the two first stages).Internet banking has become an important revenue builder for banks.Increased competition in the banking sector and customer demand is forcing banks to provide their services online (Southard, P. Banks try to gain competitive advantages in technological atmosphere by adopting new Internet banking there is a risk exists, and online banking risk prevention measures for analysis and set out our e-banking risk control problem, the risks to present our online banking supervision and reasonable measures to promote the healthy development of China's and Vietnam's Internet Banking response.3.Course Title: E-Commerce Course Code: 435 An assignment prepared as a part of BBA program by the students of 4th year 2nd Semester, under direct supervision of Mohammad Mizenur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet-3114.Assignment on: A Comparative Study on E-banking: A Study on Web information of Agrani Bank Ltd. Submitted to: Mohammad Mizenur Rahman Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Sylhet-3114 Submitted By: Name Registration No. Safwan Radi 2007731041 4th year 2nd Semester The security and authentication of modern banking are very much dependent on cryptography and its applications.


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