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They were promised Divine Guidance and were assured that those who fo IIowed that Guidance would be successful.Adam was the first man to receive this guidance and convey it to his progeny.

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God is the Creator, the Master, the Sustainer of all that exists. He has revealed, through His prophets, the Right Path for the guidance of mankind.

All prophets (peace be upon them) have preached the same message -that of acceptance of God's sovereignty.

But immediately after sinning they repented their mistake, sought God's forgiveness and were forgiven.

It was after they were forgiven and redeemed that they were sent down to the earth to play their role as vicegerents of God.

The institutions of marriage and the family occupy a very important position in this scheme of life.

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It aims at producing a unique personality in the individual and a distinct culture for the community based on Islamic ideas and values.

This will include the contemporary man to identify the nature of the crisis that confronts him today and will also point to some of the possibilities that are still open to him.

I would like to discuss in the following pages the concept of family life in Islam, its foundations, structure and principles.

ISBN 0 86037 016X Published by: THE ISLAMIC FOUNDATION 223 London Road, Leicester. As the talk was given before a predominantly Christian audience I had to begin with the Islamic approach to life and gradually explain the institution of the family and the principles on which family relations are built in a Muslim society. I hope it will, in its present form, reach a much wider audience and that it will be helpful in developing a better understanding of the Islamic family. Islamic Approach to Life: The Foundations ]| We are living in a period of cultural crisis.

The talk produced immense interest and sparked off very useful discussions in the following days. The Islamic Foundation, Leicester, 1st June, 1977 ~ 14, Jumada ai-Akhir, 1397, Khurshid Ahmad - - - - - |[1.


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