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A fake radio network was established to act as a communication channel.

Initially, they planned to launch an attack on Europe, but there were inadequate supplies, labor and equipment, culminating to its postponement until 1994.

From the Japanese attack, the Allies had learned a few lessons that would guide them in the next operation.

Otherwise, bad weather would kick of, and the invasion would be impossible.

Prediction suggested that the weather would last for the next two weeks.

All evidence put in place indicated that Pas de Calais was the center of the invasion.

German troops deployed in the area and security was beefed to counter the said ‘Americans’, By fourth of June, General Dwight had a period of four days in which the invasion would be possible.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor came before the planning of Operation Overlord.

President Roosevelt of the United States anticipated to form an operation that would help in redeeming French from the Nazi’s suppression (Harrison 7).

The concluding strategy was to deploy three air force divisions to Normandy, to protect the five groups of the main attacking forces down at the beach.

Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery took charge of the land operations while general Omar Bradley and Sir Dempsey were in charge of the attacking troops (June 50).


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