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These factors include; first, water vapor is a strong destroyer of the ozone layer.The ozone layer is affected negatively by the presence of water vapor in that it suppresses the formation of the ozone layer by providing a decay path.The ozone layer absorbs 99-97 percent of the medium frequency ultraviolet light from the sun that would result to damaging of the exposed forms of life near the surface.

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Secondly, the depletion of the available oxygen is another cause of ozone destruction.

This is due to the fact that ozone is formed from oxygen and that actions or processes that cut down the viable plant life that make oxygen lead to depletion of the ozone.

The ozone layer encompasses less than ten parts per million of ozone whereas the average concentration of ozone in the earth’s atmosphere is about 0.3 parts per million.

The ozone layer is mainly located in the stratosphere’s lower part from approximately 30-20 kilometres above the earth though the thickness differs geographically and seasonally.

The two layers show how ozone layer distributes in the atmosphere.

Although stratosphere and troposphere constitute chemically identical oxygen atoms, they play different roles in the atmosphere and their depletion carry different effects humans and other living things.It is common knowledge that this radiation carries harmful effects on animals and plants.Several studies indicate that bad ozone strongly react with other molecules and hence toxic to living systems.The upper ozone or sometimes referred to as stratospheric ozone or good ozone absorbs the ultraviolet light which damages biological life by allowing a small amount to reach the surface of the earth.The ozone absorbs ultraviolet radiation thus creating a source of heat which forms the stratosphere.This might appear a slight increase in temperatures but specialists in this field of study argue that it might have devastating effects not only on human life but also the entire earth biological diversities (Lubin & Jensen, 1995).A number of studies to determine the cause and effects of the ozone layer depletion have been conducted by guru researchers.UV radiation that has wavelengths between 315 and 280 nanometers is known as UV-B, and it results in damages to almost all kinds of life.By taking in most of UV-B radiation before it can even reach the surface of the earth, the ozone layer protects the Earth from the harmful effects of radiation.In this regard, ozone, therefore, plays a crucial role in controlling the temperature structure of the Earth's atmosphere.Absence or depletion of the ozone layer affects the filtering capacity of the ozone layer thus, allowing more ultraviolet radiation to penetrate the atmosphere and reach the earth surface.


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