Essays On Personal Addiction

Addictive personality in their attempts looks for his purpose and too one-sided way of survival – avoiding problems.Natural adaptive addict capabilities are infringed on the psycho-physiological level.

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Common human experience, social norms, values, knowledge and ways of working are acquired, and the personality is formed in communication with other people.

Addict shuts itself off from these processes stops to enrich his life experience, violating the most important functions of communication.

The attractiveness of addiction is that it represents the path of least resistance.

Subjective impression is created that way, we can not help thinking about problems, forget about the worries, get away from difficult situations, using different variants of addictive realization. The Essence Of The Addictive Behavior Psychology Essay.

A man becomes helpless in the face of own addiction.

Strong-willed efforts become weaker and make it impossible to resist the addiction.

Searching the addict fulcrum does not go beyond the addictive implementation.

Along with dysfunctional processes in communication, such important mechanisms of interpersonal perception as identification, empathy, reflection are broken.

I also add that I the following is qoute "not the most common approach to exalting one's self".

-(body) Explaining the emotional root of problems I had, turned into disrespect, drug use and family issues. -Makes references to my family and how highly they think of me; that I agree with them..


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