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Language and social class interchanged widely in Shaw’s play “Pygmalion” drawing along with it, characteristics of characters’ as well as major themes.

The interchange between language and social class can be symbolized through Shaw’s characters.

Throughout most of civilization, people have been divided in classes.

There is the rich and powerful, the middle class who are less powerful but nonetheless respected, and the incapable poor.

The author cleverly bestows his characters’ their own identity, by giving each a language and speech that suits their bubble of reality: their own social class.

Shaw depicts members of all social classes, the lowest being Liza, known for her London’s working class cockney accent.

This can be shown when the author stated, “ I can place any man within six miles. The storyline’s major plot, in transforming Eliza into a duchess was a trigger for the realization of the British social class.

The author finds in Pygmalion a way to turn words into action, by hinging the fairy tale outcome of the flower girl on precisely how she talks.

Even though the articulation was proper, it did not need to reach perfection. Higgins, who was rich and well articulated, but his manners when speaking where not genteel as it was naturally supposed to be.

Nevertheless, Shaw symbolizes the idea of language being intertwined with speech through our very own Pygmalion Mr. Higgins was marvelous at his job and hobby, that he was capable of identifying where people were born- reveling their class- from their accents. ” Not only where characters, through their speech, a real representation of their class, but other factors too.


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