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To permit the rampant abuse of this essential human right not only violates the core of our humanity, it harms the order and well-being of societies, including our own.

Our historically unique and bold idea to provide for both the separation of church and state as well as the unfettered free exercise of religion was the “secret sauce” that has made our grand American experiment so extraordinarily successful.

Societies that restrict religious freedom become potential breeding grounds for instability, social tension, and violent extremism.

The protection of freedom of religion, conscience, and belief should be a significant priority of our nation.

While ISIS is the most vivid example today, there are widespread and deeply disturbing examples of this abuse in many other places.

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 70% of the world’s population lives in countries that significantly restrict freedom of religion and belief.Secular states in the United States score better in societal health by having lower crime rates, more civic participation, better education, more civil rights, more income mobility, more income equality, and a more functional economy.These states include the northeastern and some western states.The recent analysis proves that countries with more atheists tend to be more peaceful.Recent research using the Global Peace Index has analyzed if religion or atheism was a major source for global peace.Like thousands of other Jewish boys, he was rounded up and sent to a slave labor camp outside of the capital, where he was conscripted into forced labor under brutal decided to “burnish” his reputation by getting every Jewish boy in the barracks to be baptized into the church.My father and his childhood friend were the only two who refused.A 2016 anti-terrorism law gives Russia the means to crack down on churches the government does not officially recognize.Research shows a strong correlation between the robust protection of religious freedom and other vital social goods such as stability, prosperity, democracy, and interestingly, higher socio-economic status for women.The tragic reality is that freedom of religion is imperiled today in many parts of the world...For example, the Chinese government has conducted a 17-year campaign of brutal persecution against peaceful Falun Gong practitioners.


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