Without further ado, the winners are: Tim French, Jenny Gutbezahl, George Heard, Lon Heuer and Stewart Levine. Shoot me an e-mail and we'll update the blog with your swag choices later. It may have sounded like sci-fi a few years ago, but with RF elements products, this is now possible! 1 and you are using high gain and wide radiation beam width sector antennas, then radios will collect noise from a very wide area despite radios being set to low transmit power (because the antenna gain remains the same and radio listens with full antenna gain! If you´ve also skipped Rule Nr.2, and you are using antennas that have side lobes, then they will pick up tons of noise through these side lobes as well! Simply use the lowest antenna gain you can afford, and be sane with transmit power.

Typically, you type in the clue, and the first result staring back at you is the entry your supposed to put in. Here's the evidence: Jimmy's band, The Lords of Hawthorne, was apparently ripping up their cover of Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way" at the time the photo was snapped. Though careful observers will note this pic was taken one month ago, I say: "whatever." This whole section segues nicely to an announcement: ANNOUNCEMENT: Heretofore, if any crazed fan of this here blog wishes to snap a picture of themselves in one of the t-shirts, drinking from one of the coffee mugs, or doing one of my puzzles (preferably in a cool setting; extra bonus points for an overseas snap or historical landmark, extra extra bonus points if the picture involves a celebrity), not only will I run it here on the blog, you'll get either your choice of any book I've written or my choice of something from my condo I don't want anymore.

Anyway, that picture underneath today's puzzle is me with the bowl with the names of all the contestants who got the answer correct.

Have been contacted by HAP several times since I filled out their online questionnaire. I also ordered the free lipstains and was selected as a VIP winner. I accessed up the website listed in the above response by HAP, https:// and could not get anything relating to ...

) request for a refund, he violated the terms of his ...

oz.) if you google the letters the eye chart links come right up." Indeed. Speaking of Amy, she opines: "I didn't have a clue about the meta, but I ran it by my husband Rene last night. Even the Wikipedia page lists N as a character on the chart. I guess every letter on the chart, but you get the picture.

There's nothing more frustrating than confirming a crossword entry by typing in the clue verbatim and then getting Rex Parker's and Amy Reynaldo's blogs as the 1, 2 punch. He thought about it for a minute and said it was the letters on the eye chart and sure enough, that's the first four rows. [gulp] Anyway, I rechecked the fact in the book where I got the idea for the puzzle in the first place: no Ns. Huge thanks to all who tweeted/Facebooked/started a class about puzzles and put my blog as part of the curriculum/hired a skywriter/forced people at gunpoint to do the puzzle/etc. One contestant, Jimmy Dale writes: "I have attached some pics of me onstage wearing my BEQ shirt…we played for a crowd of 50-60 people that night, so hopefully that qualifies me for the 10 times bonus! And kudos for Jimmy for getting one of the limited edition R-Rated t-shirts.Probably, because nobody told you that this is not the best way. Let´s hope this will help open more and more WISPs eyes and that WISPs will start thinking about the sustainability of their business. WISPs should focus on how to #Preserve Spectrum and use the right gear! Our solution to the noise issue is essentially about solving the problem at its roots. The less noise you create, the less noise you have to deal with later. Despite my young age - I turned 43 this year :) - I clearly remember the times before this industry had really started. At the same time, this industry was also abused in many ways.There was no Wi-Fi, almost no internet, my weight was well below 200 pounds and a man could attract a girl with a sense of humor. The abuse was - surprisingly - created by WISPs themselves.Use narrow sectors rather than wide ones every time you can. This approach is obsolete now, it actually hurts you! It limits your network from performing at its best! MY NAME IS CLYDE I DID FILE FOR SSD BUT STILL WORKING ON IT I GOT A CALL FROM PETE ... ) request for a refund, he violated the terms of his ...Real talk: if you’re a regular contact wearer, chances are you’ve fallen asleep in your contacts at some point in time (or maybe even a few times).We all know it’s not recommended by eye doctors, but why, exactly?What’s actually happening in your eyes when you sleep with your contacts in?


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