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In a series of seven studies we create, validate, and benchmark a measure for users' subjective view on web content.In the first six studies, a total of 3,106 participants evaluated a sum of 60 websites.

Un contributo per lo studio, un "manuale" per affrontare lo studio della Teologia fondamentale, ma anche uno strumento utile per tutti coloro che vogliono approcciarsi alle tematiche della materia, con un taglio didattico ed espositivo e un linguaggio semplice, non eccessivamente specialistico.

Tutto ruota attorno ad un concetto di teologia fondamentale ben espresso in maniera sintetica e lapidaria nel titolo stesso: il Dio capovolto.

There are many ways to establish credibility in persuasive writing and make your message worthy of your audience’s trust.

is of utmost importance because no marketing technique can succeed without first gaining credibility; building a rapport with your reader should always be a major priority.

By making your writing and advertising accurate and reputable, you’ll ensure that the entire campaign is more effective.

Do you know of more ways to establish credibility in writing or advertising?In particular, subjective perceptions of content are known to influence a variety of user evaluations thereby altering attitudes and behavioral outcomes.Thus, it is essential that individually experienced facets of content can be adequately assessed.In other words, it’s all about convincing your audience to trust and respect you enough for them to take action.Audiences don’t only consider the advertising information they receive; they take the information’s source into account as well. After I submitted a paper for publication as an original article, the editor said it fits best under the Commentary category of the journal and I need to shorten it to fit it in this category.I am wondering should I proceed with this or would it be better to publish it as an original article in a lower impact journal? Usually, commentaries are short articles that draw attention to or present criticism on a previously published article, book, or report, often using the findings as a call to action or to highlight a few points of wider relevance to the field.Very high internal consistencies and high short-to medium-term retest reliabilities are demonstrated.Strong evidence for construct validity in terms of factorial, convergent, divergent, discriminative, concurrent, experimental, and predictive validity is found.In a seventh study, encompassing 7,379 ratings on 120 websites, benchmarks for ten different content domains and optimal cut points are provided.Overall, the present research suggests, that the Web-CLIC is a sound measure of subjective content perception of both practical and theoretical benefit.


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