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He also pointed out that, in contrast to the European cities bisected by their emblematic waterways (Rome, London, Florence, Paris, Budapest, Prague, etc.), Buenos Aires had been built such that it was nearly impossible to access the river as early as the end of the 1920s.

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It is a discreetly modernist object, full of right angles, white, and devoid of even a passing resemblance to the triumphal obelisks of the French capital.

Paris was never the sole European model for Buenos Aires, though Beaux Arts architecture set the tone for the elegant mansions constructed by the elite during the waning years of the nineteenth century and the early years of the twentieth.

One of OSC’s experienced IB teachers, and Extended Essay examiner, Tim Williams, has given his view on how to ‘deal with the curse of the Extended Essay’ and how to get ahead this summer. Get the bibliography up-to-date, and in the right format. Write 20 polite notes to contacts of your parents, their friends, your teachers, researchers, local universities, libraries, website owners… Do you have what you need as evidence to prove those two sentences?

Long warm days…hammocks…the beach…warm nights…and…the Extended Essay…Right. This is something your school would have told you how to do. Even meet a couple of them, ask prepared intelligent questions. Check it with your Granny – does she understand the question and the answer? Once you have the shape of the whole EE in your head, all the work you do just slides into place instead of needing constant re-arranging, storing, sorting, thinking about what matters…Re-read the Criteria and the notes with them.

Break the rest of your EE work down into manageable stages.

Depending on how you’ve worked, and what you’re doing, but once you’ve done the research and got the information, it might well break down into these jobs (and possibly even in this order..)You can do a few of these before the summer holidays start, and then with your supervisor, work out exactly when you’ll do the others.To help with the planning, download the OSC Calendar.Then you can relax, enjoy summer and try that hammock.Several ideas of what a city should be, among them the American metropolis par excellence, New York, served as models for the city on the Rio de la Plata.As modernization advances, the comparison with New York becomes an influential perspective: beneath the European imagination lies an American popular imagination.If someone had asked these men, they probably would have told him that Paris was the city they admired above all.But this practically inevitable fidelity (Paris was then the city the entire world admired) met with material limitations.Argentine culture has an inextricable relationship with translations of European work, but not just French work.The mixing of cultures is, by definitions, the mixing of diverse origins. When you add the EE to the possibility of looking at the labs, To K, commentaries, coursework, orals, and presentations that come after the holiday, you have a stack of work ahead.These become Primary Sources and guess what..examiners like them. They tell you how to get the best marks for the essay.


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