F. Scott Fitzgerald Thesis Statement

Use the main body of your essay to support your argument.

Devote each paragraph to a piece of evidence in favor of your point.

The story is narrated by Nick Carraway, who moves to New York and finds himself being neighbors with Jay Gatsby—one of the most mysterious people in the area.

reveals to us what was going on in the 1920s and what people valued at the time.

Professors usually grade these essays by the ability to develop a coherent argument while presenting strong writing skills. Here is a recipe for writing an effective critical thinking essay.

Your thesis is your main argument; your entire essay will be based upon this thesis, so take the time to prepare a powerful one.

The effective thesis statement should express the main focus of your essay and state an arguable claim.

At the same time, it has to provide enough details.

is a story that depicts the events during the Jazz Age in the United States.

The typical characters and events of that period are portrayed with elaboration and detail.


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