First Amendment Short Essay

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The drafting committee also referred to the Constitutions of various other counties including Britain, France and Japan to seek valuable inputs.

The Constitution of India includes the Fundamental Rights and Duties of the citizens, the Directive Principles of State Policy and the Federal Structure of the Government of India.

The original Indian Constitution is hand written, calligraphed and also the lengthiest Constitution in the world.

It is the longest written constitution that defines the power, procedures and responsibilities of the government institutions of India and gives detailed account of the fundamental rights and duties of the citizens of our country.

In order to get the Constitution ratified, an agreement was reached to add a Bill of Rights to protect the personal liberties of the people living in the United States.

The First Amendment guarantees that people will have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, the right to assemble peacefully, and the right to ask the government to respond to concerns the citizens might have. Many people came to the British colonies and the United States to avoid religious and political persecution.

After the Constitution was written, it had to be ratified.

One concern that some people had was that the Constitution didn’t protect people’s personal liberties.

The Constitution of India was drafted under the chairmanship of Dr. It took almost three years to draft the Constitution.

Various socio-political and economic aspects of the society were taken into consideration while drafting the Constitution.


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