Foursquare Business Plan

Foursquare's new direction wasn't based on gut instinct.

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Starting in November of 2013, Crowley instructed them to break the app down into its basic parts, little Lego blocks that represented everything it could do. One block was Pilgrim, the company’s cutting-edge tech for guessing a user’s location."By simplifying a lot of the story, and having an app that's dedicated to search and discovery I think it's going to be very clear to people that the search and discovery tools that we built are some of the best in class," says Crowley.Swarm should work very well for seeing who’s around to get one more drink at 1 AM, but Foursquare may have been beaten to the punch by an old rival: Facebook.The company had created a new paradigm around location sharing, but that activity was never going to be as popular as snapping a selfie, sharing a link, or firing off a tweet. “What does a version of Foursquare look like that doesn't beg you to check in as soon as you open it up?So Crowley decided it was time to do something radical. ” Over the last six months, the team has been hard at work on a complete reinvention of the company.You open an app to do a specific task and not as a gateway to a large complicated experience." Having the check-in button as the main interface every time users opened the app created a noticeable hurdle for engagement."Imagine if you opened up You Tube and the first thing it asked you to do was create a video.Your Facebook friend list is far too big for people to be comfortable sharing intimate data like their location, Crowley says.A number of similar apps like Highlight, Sonar, and Banjo, which helped you track down friends and interesting strangers, were so broad that they bombed with the mainstream."It’s like we were in a three legged race and each side was slowing the other side down." Weiss is a bit more cynical."We had been taking on a little bit of a mission impossible," he says, "trying to make a single-purpose mobile app that actually had two purposes." Foursquare’s decision can be seen as part of a larger trend in the mobile space to unbundle complex web properties into a suite of connected apps, rather than trying to jam numerous features into a single package.


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