Futsal Business Plan

Futsal Business Plan-30
The phrase “sport is a business now” can be commonly heard.

If we preserve the short-term thinking and poor organisation the sport will continue on its current path of being crowded out by its competitors.Part of this is identifying potential issues and opportunities.Without this, potential problems (or opportunities) are not anticipated and there is not the capability or time available to find solutions to the problems (or take advantage of the opportunities).Other sports will have had the same issues futsal has and at one time been at the same stage of development.Basketball, handball, ice hockey, football (including women’s) etc all have something to offer futsal.I see the same issue time and time again, badly managed organisations with all their focus on the short term.Federations and clubs that lack long term strategies and objectives, running their entities on a day to day basis without any vision or leadership.This is not just the case in the countries where futsal has only recently been introduced.In Spain it is the most practised sport, the national team has reached the final of the last 5 World Cups winning two and they have a professional league that features the world’s most successful club.The outcome of this has been the beginning of a revolution off the court in Spain with record attendances and increasing TV viewing figures (their games are now broadcast on TV in Brazil, UAE and across Eastern Europe as well as streamed online worldwide).It will take time for the full benefits to be realised.


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