Future Plan Essay

You need to remember that any plan can fail and an expert can fail in planning loopholes in the project.Planning is not guaranteed of success but it just stays you longer on the goal and reduces the burden from the brain on daily basis.And that’s why it mentioned in the 2nd paragraph of this article- Most of the plans are positive and looks nice. that’s why step by step execution of activities defined in the plans help us to achieve goals and happiness.

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Secondly, they should see the data that tells them about the qualities and characteristics of colleges, degree courses, universities and job market trends after data analysis. Everything that you’re doing, using, communicating, receiving and reacting online and offline is part of someone’s plan.

That plan can be to collect your data, that plan can be to educate you, that plan can be to get money from you, that plan can be to provide your benefits.

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But before I start explaining why planning is important, let’s understand what is planning?

According to Wikipedia planning is the process of thinking about the activities required to achieve the desired goal.

Following are the example of the importance of planning in life from Google Keyword Planner keywords data:-If billion people searching, learning, taking, providing, watching, creating, thinking about a career, business, trip, retirement, savings, investment, and health cover planning, it means it’s a universally recognized practice that can help to achieve the certain goals and dreams.

If everyone is creating, using, buying and acting on a business plan, marketing plan, financial plan, travel plan, investment plan, income plan, living plan, office plan and writing & speech plan it means planning is more than just important, it is the primary object in the process of goal setting.

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