Galvan J. L. (2009). Writing Literature Reviews

After critically reading and appraising the rigor of the work, extract critical information from the article and enter that onto the literature review matrix.Record information in each column for all sources read and evaluated.

If reviewing research articles, the vertical columns of the matrix might include items such as the research problem/purpose, variables, design, sample, methods, findings, implications, and limitations.

See Table 1 for a literature review matrix table template.

This matrix is basically a table that summarizes key components of the readings.

Information from each source reviewed is entered horizontally on the table.

The last step of synthesis involves creating, the highest level of cognitive learning in the most recent revision of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning (Anderson, Krathwohl, Airasian, Cruikshank, Mayer, Pintrich, Raths, & Wittrock, 2001).

Creating involves the construction of a new product.

Many novice writers simply use this table to then summarize each article when writing their literature review; however, this is not sufficient.

To truly synthesize the literature, new information needs created.

Having a clear focus on the issue will help as you search the literature for relevant resources to review.

It is important to have sufficient references to ensure that you have an adequate knowledge base about the topic.


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