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In plants cells, it takes place in the root hair cells which absorb water and minerals.

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These ions are then moved to xylem vessels and eventually the leaves where chlorophyll production takes place.

Hence, we can say that active transport is critical in both plants and animal cell and also in both the examples the cell contained mitochondria as mitochondria is the site of respiration and active transport requires energy from respiration.

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As an experiment it doesn't have many, and I'm struggling to see them thanks Different parts of the potato might have different water potentials to start with.

In order to overcome this, you could cut the strips out of the same part of each potato. You might blot them before putting them in the solutions.

But what if the cell wants to bring in a molecule which is already present in high concentration inside the cell ? So now we can describe active transport as the process in which substance are absorbed against the concentration gradient (or we can say substance move from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration) with the help of an enzyme. Active transport takes place both in animal cells and plant cells.

In animal cells, it takes place in the small intestine while absorbing food.

All metabolic processes like Photosynthesis, Respiration etc in the living organisms involve movement of substance in and out of the cells.

The substance move in and out of the cell either by Active Transport or Passive Transport.


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