Graphic Design Problem Solving

The process follows stages that may be used sequentially or that may require the student to loop back and modify an earlier stage.

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This problem has two features: 1) getting the students to learn about Native Americans and 2) designing book covers to advertise the most essential information about the Native American tribe they are studying The students will research background information about one tribe and about book covers as advertising.

Students then collect book covers to study how concepts are visually communicated, followed by a discussion on aesthetics and use of color and imagery to convey meaning and attract attention, the use of words and font styles to enhance meaning and influence the reader, and other devices used to make the message enticing.

Education, healthcare, finance, transportation, food... You'll learn how thinking and working like a designer - understanding users, group ideation, rapid prototyping, and emotional storytelling can help everyone do their jobs better, and have more fun doing it. We teach a design based methodology for creative problem solving, and put real people's needs at the center of new businesses, services, and products.

There was a time in the olden days when designers used to be considered artists rather than creatives sitting with their laptops in cafés whose lives are centered around finding solutions.

There are many possible satisfactory solutions.2) Do not apply logical thinking too early in the process- this closes off the chance of break-through ideas that may be pursued.

3) Do not try to be practical- this causes judgments of what works and what would not. Once a comprehensive list is completed and the participants think they have used all ideas, the facilitator asks for 3-5 more ideas to stretch their thinking.

practices for educating K-12 students: using theme-based and interdisciplinary instruction; fostering self-direction and independence; teaching topics relevant to the learner; using group interaction; promoting student discovery; and encouraging critical and creative exploration of ideas Good design often is an assimilation of elements that involves observation, creative brainstorming, and collaboration.

The word design refers to a goal-oriented process that is intended to meet needs to improve situations or to create something new and/or useful (Freidman, 2003).

The teacher provides the problem that many people do not know the backgrounds of these tribes and as a result have some misconceptions about them, which could simply lead to questions or create prejudices.

Students may not be familiar with different Native American groups but they are familiar with books and book covers.


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