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Nick gets summoned by Tom to visit Myrtle Wilson, his concubine, and after a few drinks Tom and Myrtle fight over Daisy, and ends up breaking Daisy’s nose.Nick gets back home at West Egg and is invited to a party that his neighbor Gatsby is throwing.

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Gatsby and Daisy continue their secret affair as Nick keeps guard, while Tom keeps up with his dirty habits.

During one hot summer, as Nick, Buchanan, Jordan, Tom, and Gatsby decide to go on a short trip, Daisy openly showed his intents towards Gatsby, and Tom realized.

As Tom and the rest follow behind and reach Wilson’s station, they find Myrtle knocked and murdered by a hit-and-run driver who later on happened to be Daisy who was driving Gatsby’s car.

Wilson decides to search for the person who hit his lover and is tipped by Tom that Gatsby possessed the car.

Nick organizes the meet up at his place, and later the three move the party to Gatsby’s place.

Nick recalls the tale of one James Gatz who was an unsuccessful person and with the help of his mentor, altered his identity to Jay Gatsby, never to be recognized by his former name and history again.

A startling majority of the time, this success has some monetary value associated with it.

There is a persistent need to be not only the best, but the richest.

He later finds out, through Jordan who is familiar with Daisy, that Gatsby is interested in Buchanan.

He had been hosting extravagant parties hoping that one day Daisy would show up.


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