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Within months demand became so high that production could not keep up with demand.

Henry Ford famously said Ford changed the way automobiles were designed and built, bringing in the first assembly-line factories for the mass production of vehicles in 1913.

This later led to lower prices, and therefore caused a storm in automobile ownership throughout the United States and abroad.

Ford was president of the company from 1906 to 1919, resuming this position from 1943 to 1945.

He became the vice president of the Society of Automotive Engineers when it was established in 1905.

He then returned to the family farm in 1882 and worked for the Westinghouse Company as a steam engine repairman.

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In 1888 he married Clara Bryant, who had grown up on a nearby farm and they had one son Edsel, born in 1893.

Born on a farm in Greenfield Township, Michigan on 30 July in 1863, Henry Ford was the eldest son of six children born to William and Mary Ford. Henry was educated at the local one-room school for eight years where he demonstrated an early interest in mechanical objects.

His father gave him a pocket watch when he was fifteen.

Henry Ford was an American industrialist and inventor who formulated the assembly-line methods for automobile manufacturing, which led to faster production at lower costs.

One of the most popular figures in history, Ford inspired the Industrial Revolution in the United States and worldwide.


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