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When going to any hip-hop related event, my friends and I normally expect that we will be disrespected verbally and physically, and have to prepare ourselves accordingly.We have to be careful in choosing what clothes to wear, how we carry ourselves and what we say.Hip-hop culture is widely used in commercials (Coca-Cola, Burger King), fashion advertisements, video games, TV shows, and there is even a hip- pop exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

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Women are described as being only good for sexual relations by rappers who describe their life as being that of a pimp.

In many popular rap songs men glorify the life of pimps, refer to all women as they think a pimp would to a prostitute, and promote violence against women for ‘disobeying.

I have often wondered why it is so acceptable (for men and women) and what the roots of the values expressed in the culture are.

Hip-hop culture, started by black and Latino youth In New York City, (by definition) encompasses rapping (and now singing), deejay, break-dancing, and graffiti- writing, but has evolved to be much more than that.

They were “paying” with their bodies as a survival strategy.

Out of this emerged the stereotype of black women as promiscuous and oversexed, and this shaped some black women’s sexual morality.

Joan Morgan, “ho refers to herself as a hip-hop feminist, reveals, “Yeah, assists are hurtful the real crime isn’t the name-calling, it’s their failure to love us—to be our brothers in the Nay that we commit ourselves to being their assists.

[l] Many black men within hip- pop culture who battle racism and oppression themselves everyday have been conditioned by society not to trust or love, and if they do not love themselves, it is difficult for them to love women or anyone else in a healthy manner.

A significant amount of misogynistic hip-hop consumers are women, and hundreds of bikini- donned women show up for the music video shoots as unpaid participants.

2] Dance clubs and backstage of concerts are flooded with women who express willingness to do anything sexually with a man to get drinks, money, Jewelry, or Just to feel privileged and wanted.


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